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How to merge multiple PDF files without software

How to merge multiple PDF files without the software?

Need to merge or combine multiple PDF document files into one but don’t feel like paying for software? Don’t panic, there is an online solution that allows us to do it for free and very easily. We explain will explain how to merge multiple PDF docs files without using any software for free.

The PDF extension stands for Portable Document Format and it was created in 1993 by one of the founders of Adobe, John Warnock. The specificity of the PDF is to preserve the presentation and the layout of a document as it was defined by its author. It is therefore a perfect complement to classic text editors like Microsoft Word which allows you to easily create and modify a document. Once the document is finished, it is exported in pdf in order to share it with other people who will be able to consult or print it without altering the original file.

The .pdf file standard is very widespread today on the Internet and if you are used to using a computer, you have inevitably had to use this kind of file. It is in this format that you receive your invoices and contracts by email in particular. Because indeed, with the digitalization process of companies that we know, the pdf is gradually replacing paper. The planet thanks us for it, but you still have to be well organized to navigate!

However, where Adobe is very strong, is that it has succeeded in imposing this standard on the whole world by offering the Acobat reader software free of charge which allows you to consult the pdf. But when it comes to modifying them, you have to switch to paid software! Fortunately, we will see that it is possible to simply merge files, and even to make many other modifications for free via an online tool!

Merge PDF online: the simple and efficient method!

But let’s get to the point … So what is this simple and free technique that allows you to merge pdf for free? Just go to Smallpdf’s PDF Merge Site and follow these very simple steps:

  • Drag pdf files into the described area in your browser:
  • Choose the order in which you want them to appear and then click on the “Merge PDF” button:
  • All you have to do is download the new file!

Why is it useful to combine your pdf files?

The result of digitization is that we are now left with dozens, see hundreds of important pdf documents to keep. But it can be difficult to navigate. So rather than accumulating files, it can be interesting to gather important similar files in one and the same document. We find our information more easily, we save storage space and we waste less time opening files.

This functionality is also useful for sending documents by email. Rather than multiplying the attachments, we can put everything together in one file and send it with one click. In addition, it is also more convenient to start printing on paper. Just start printing a document with one click rather than doing it one by one and wasting precious time.

Of course, not all pdf documents absolutely have to be grouped together, but in some cases, this feature comes in handy, provided you can see it doing it simply!

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