How to Prepare Your Voice for a Live Concert

How to Prepare Your Voice for a Live Concert

You need to keep in mind plenty of things while preparing for a live singing concert. There is a lot of audiences, and you cannot ask for a retake if anything goes wrong. So it is very important to prepare yourself well both physically and mentally. You need to do a range of things while preparing your voice for your next live concert. Here are few tips.


  1. Select a proper place for practice.

Select a private space where you can practice without any disturbances. Practicing in a place where people are walking past you can make you a little conscious of making mistakes. A good practice is all about exploring yourself, which can’t be done in a public space. When you are practicing, you will be making a lot of mistakes. Make sure you don’t repeat them during your live concert.


  1. Practice deep breathing.

It is obvious to get nervous before a live performance. No matter how many times you have already performed, there is still a little bit of nervousness before the concert. Deep breathing works like wonder. Practicing it will calm you down and help you to bring out your best performance.


  1. Vocalize before your performance. 

You would know that you can’t grab or hit the right note in one go. You need a little bit of warm-up for your vocal cords to come in shape and get ready to sing. So just prior to your concert, hum the tones gently, which you can do naturally. If you go and sing directly, then it might over-stretch your vocal cords and can cause damage too. To avoid such a situation, always vocalize before your performance.


  1. Mental preparation.

A lot of us, in preparation for our next performance, spend a lot of time thinking quite negatively. E.g., what if I forget the lyrics? What if I couldn’t hit the right note at the right time? What if everything goes haywire? The one thing that most singers need to work on is preparing themselves mentally before the performance. You need to believe that you have prepared well and worked hard for your performance. You need to have faith in your efforts. Practicing well can help you to gain confidence and reduce nervousness before your performances. Start visualizing yourself up on the stage and performing. Connect with the audience in your imagination. It will bring a lot of positivity.


  1. Take regular lessons.

It is always best to have regular lessons and professional guidance. They can teach you more than you can learn by yourself and your mistakes. When you are guided by experienced, you are much ahead of the crowd already.


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