How to Protect Smartphone From Battery Explosion

How to Protect Smartphone From Battery Explosion

Multiple times per week, the media report that another smartphone exploded in the owner’s palms. Large corporations such as Apple undertake case-by-case investigations and incorporate past errors into the design of each new product. However, any obscure brand can be hazardous if used improperly.

A smartphone battery explosion can devastate a person and his property. I will provide some universal guidelines to help you avoid disaster. These tips apply to both tablets and smartphones.

Monitor the Device’s Temperature

One of the reasons for the acceleration of chemical reactions within the battery is the high temperature. If your smartphone becomes extremely heated, allow it to cool down. Viewing a movie or playing a game on a heated smartphone connected to a power source is extremely hazardous.

In addition, it is advised to periodically verify that the device does not overheat while in sleep mode. In practice, there was a case in which a smartphone caught fire while installing updates in the background.

Do not store the device in direct sunlight or a hot room. If the device becomes extremely heated, you should not use it until it has cooled down; instead, you should turn off the power.

Additionally, storing a smartphone under a pillow is not ideal, particularly when charging. The smartphone should never be concealed.

Use Original Chargers

The finest smartphone charger is the one that arrives with the device. No longer may manufacturers include a power supply in the packaging. In this instance, universal chargers in the intermediate price range are required. You should select this power supply based on evaluations. A power supply you purchased at a flea market for a “couple hundred” dollars is a poor choice for charging your device. If there is no reliable power source, you can charge the device via a computer or other USB-enabled device.

You should avoid public USB ports; instead, you should purchase a Power Bank (portable battery) and charge your device. In addition, you can charge the Power Bank from a public USB port, which is more reliable.

Check the Mechanical Damage

In practice, there was a situation where a smartphone made of aluminum was in the rear pocket of a pair of denim; when the girl sat down unsuccessfully, the smartphone “bent” slightly. Due to mechanical damage, the battery caught fire after ten minutes.

If the geometry of your smartphone’s case is fractured, you should not use it because the battery may be compromised. In most cases, this can cause the battery to catch fire or even detonate.

If your mobile device “blows up,” this indicates the battery has degraded significantly; you should not use such a device.


Suppose you are concerned about such a development. In that case, it is best to purchase electronics from well-known manufacturers, as their standards for rejecting rechargeable batteries are much stricter than those of smaller companies. In some instances, electronic devices functioned despite the causes mentioned earlier; the problem was the absence of a battery.

Do not neglect that you can reduce the device’s power consumption (and thus it is heating) by shutting off unused components. For instance, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, auto-luminosity, and reducing the display’s brightness and sound volume.

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