How to Transform Junk Food into a Healthy Food

How to Transform Junk Food into a Healthy Food

How to Transform Your Favourite Junk Food into a Healthy Food

Everyone nowadays loves to eat Junk Food, but it’s not a healthy meal, so why not transform your favorite junk food into healthy food. what could be more junk-food than an industrial burger? However, you can make burgers with fewer calories and healthier. Just cook a veggie sandwich, replacing the meat with a vegetable steak or vegetables. Here below you will find out different ways to make Your Favorite Junk Food into a Healthier Food.

From burger junk to healthy sandwich

This American sandwich can be even healthier than a simple vegetarian burger. To do this, we use fresh burger bread, bought from our favorite baker. And we replace:

  • the burger sauce with a tomato coulis ;
  • the cheddar with a lighter cheese like goat cheese.

Did you know?

100 grams of cheddar cheese contains just over 400 calories. While 100 grams of a goat log contains between 250 and 300 calories. And if you go for fresh goat cheese, that’s just over 200 calories per 100 grams!

From Mac & Cheese junk gratin to healthy macaroni gratin

The melted macaroni and cheese gratin, everyone loves it! But this iconic dish of American junk food is extremely rich with its pasta and cheddar cream.

Healthy Mac and Cheese Gratin

To make the famous mac cheese gratin healthier, simply favor whole wheat pasta rather than white pasta. We add some vegetables to provide nutrients and trace elements. For example, in winter, put a little cauliflower or broccoli. In summer, add a few zucchini to your favorite macaroni gratin recipe. You can even replace the cheddar with a less rich cheese like ricotta.

Transform Pizza into a Healthy Pizza

Do you want to prepare a healthy pizza? Make your own pizza dough, or buy a thin dough rather than a thick dough.

Healthy and low-calorie pizza

For the sauce, prefer a 100% tomato sauce with fresh cream. Finally, for the garnish, favor vegetables rather than pepperoni. And stay reasonable with the cheese.

Did you know?

Not all pizzas contain the same number of calories. On average, there are more than 250 calories per 100 grams. But this rate varies depending on the pizza dough and the ingredients in it.

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