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Huawei FreeBuds 4i Review: Top-Notch Performance

Huawei FreeBuds 4i Review

While talking about Noise Cancelation, nothing beats Huawei FreeBuds 4i as they are more improved than its previous model Freebuds 3i. Noise-canceling is indeed a very important feature if you are a constantly navigating person. Especially if you are traveling on rail systems, the noise cancellation of the headphones may be the first feature you are looking for.


FreeBuds 4i Noise Canceling

Another feature about Freebuds headphones is that it brings the human voice to the fore. For example, when listening to music in Freebuds 3, the clarity of the vocal voices. Of course, noise cancellation is only useful when it is a one-sided system. In Freebuds 4i, you can get a much more comfortable conversation experience as both the sound coming to you and your voice can be isolated from ambient noise.

FreeBuds 4i Noise Canceling


Huawei has been using a smart artificial intelligence system that cuts wind noise for a while in its headset models. In fact, there is no need to explain the benefits of this at length. In summary, it ensures that the other person does not hear disturbing wind sounds while you are talking.

On the other hand, another mode you can use other than dynamic noise canceling is the awareness mode. This mode works the opposite of noise canceling. When you activate the awareness mode, you can clearly hear the sounds around you.

Let us remind you that you can control the noise-canceling modes and other settings through Huawei’s own software, the Huawei AI Life application. Of course, you can easily use the headphones on your iOS and Android devices, and you can switch between noise modes using the touchpad on the headset itself. Still, FreeBuds is an ecosystem product and demonstrates its true software potential with Huawei devices.


Design and Software Support

In fact, we mentioned the detail that attracted my attention the most in the design of the headset. The oval ear tip design is a feature I really like. But this oval design is not limited to the tip of the earpiece.

The storage box that allows FreeBuds 4i to charge is also oval. It even looks like an egg from a distance. But don’t be fooled by looks from afar, because the back of the box is flat. In this way, it stands firmly both in your hand and on the table.

It is also eager to connect to the nearest Huawei smartphone as soon as you open the cover. Again, when I opened the cover, another nice detail I noticed was the magnets. The headphones fit well in their sockets.

The sound here may not actually be the right word. Because the magnets should not disturb the balance when you remove the headphones from the socket. In such a situation, if you apply excessive force without realizing it, one of the headphones can go to Mars and the other to Jupiter. Fortunately, this is not the case with FreeBuds 4i, so I think the correct word is “balanced”. The earbuds fit well enough and you can easily pull them out.

We think we devoted enough time to the design of the box. So let’s talk a little bit about what you are really interested in, namely the battery. One of the first questions asked by almost everyone who wants to buy TWS headphones is “How many hours does the battery last?” will be. How long you hear these sounds is as important as hearing beautiful voices.

Huawei FreeBuds 4i Review


Active Noise Cancellation

We have ANC, namely Active Noise Canceling, ie Active Noise Canceling… which’s not all. Since FreeBuds 4i is a headset that offers ANC, the times we take naturally vary. When ANC is not active, you can get 10 hours of listening to music and 6.5 hours of talk time. When you add the box, this time goes up to 22 hours. The times you will get when ANC is active are as follows: 7.5 hours listening to music and 5.5 hours talking.

Besides, since Huawei is a company that makes serious investments in battery optimization, the standby times are really good. While the headphones are in the box, they can wait 200 days. You can get 2 days of standby time when the headphones are connected to a device outside the box. In case of emergency, you can charge the headphones for 10 minutes and charge the headphones enough for 4 hours.

By the way, headphones are filled from 0 to 100 percent in 1 hour. The box charges Freebuds 4i with 5W 1A. The current value may appear low, but remember that the battery value of each ear charged by the box is 55 mAh.

Wind noise reduction, dynamic noise cancellation, emphasis on vocal sounds, and battery performance… Actually, all these features I am talking about are a result of Huawei’s software investments. Artificial intelligence features, which we first saw in the photo quality of Huawei smartphones, spread to the company’s headphone models in a short time.

These 3 features mentioned are generally the prominent aspects of Huawei Freebuds 4i on the accessibility side. But artificial intelligence is also very effective on the music listening side, which is one of the main purposes of the headset.

Sound Experience

10mm dynamic sound drivers are used in the headset. Tuned by Huawei Audio Lab, these audio drivers provide an extremely good sound experience. Of course, at this point, you should not equate Freebuds 4i with headphones such as Freebuds Studio, which have much larger and powerful sound drivers. Each product in the Huawei ecosystem offers different features in different price segments. You can have many features provided by the ecosystem at a much more affordable price with 4i.

Also, if we go again from the example of PUBG, video games are now rising to a competitive position on mobile platforms. If you want to use TWS headphones in competitive games, one of the things you will wonder about will be the latency.

Connected to your phone via Bluetooth 5.2, Huawei Freebuds 4i can offer you a 190 ms delay. Especially considering that latency times in its price segment are much higher than 200ms, FreeBuds 4i is a suitable product for playing games or watching TV series/movies without synchronization problems.

Sound Experience



Huawei FreeBuds 4i is a remarkable product with a price tag of $75. Improved battery performance, more effective noise cancellation, and clarity of vocal sounds are among the strengths of the headset. It is a nice product that you can recommend to those who use Huawei smartphones.

Check all other Huawei FreeBuds Prices on Amazon as for the 4i Earbuds, you might have to wait for a few weeks to get the product available on Amazon.

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