Huawei smart suitcase with a smartphone key, battery and USB port

Huawei smart suitcase with a smartphone key, battery, and USB port

While Huawei is under tremendous pressure to find ways to keep its smartphone business afloat, the company has not stopped releasing new products this time the Chinese company has introduced a smart suitcase Huawei Smart Business Suitcase with a smartphone key, built-in battery, and a USB port.


Huawei Smart Business Luggage Price

The new “smart” suitcase was developed in collaboration with Samsonite. It is available in three different sizes: 20, 25, and 28 inches, costing 1999 yuan (~ 292 dollars), 2299 yuan (~ 337 dollars), and 2599 yuan (~ 380 dollars) respectively.

One of the most interesting features of this suitcase is the ease of unlocking. If the Huawei Smart Business Luggage was previously synchronized with the Huawei smartphone, the lock will open automatically if you bring the smartphone to the reading area. This will work even if the phone screen is turned off.

The suitcase also has several other features, including built-in charging and an external USB port, which simplifies charging smartphones or other similar portable devices.

The company claims that the internal compartments of the suitcase are made of environmentally friendly fabrics. The suitcase is light and strong because its body is made of aluminum alloy. Also built-in a reliable code lock TSA.


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