Ubisoft launches a trailer of Hyper Scape

Ubisoft launches a trailer of Hyper Scape.

Ubisoft has not yet had a real battle royale on offer. This will change thanks to Hyper Scape, a free FPS shooter. The game contains many elements characteristic of the genre but also presents its solutions. Although Hyper Scape slightly leaked before the official presentation, Ubisoft finally launches the trailer of Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape – that is for free and from Ubisoft

Every time a genre or theme begins to become popular, almost every major publisher wants to get a little better for themselves. Although the excellent battle royale boom has come to an end and apart from continuously popular games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, PUBG, or Apex Legends, there are no specific claimants on the horizon to conquer the hearts of players. This will change thanks to Hyper Scape, a free FPS shooter in the battle royale convention from Ubisoft.

Hyper Scape, which is a beautiful map

Ubisoft finally presented both the trailer and gameplay with specific information about its new production. It seems that there will be things well known to every fan of battle royale – teams, a decreasing map, acquiring weapons, communication via pings. After all, Ubi approaches the matter a little differently and probably would like to revolutionize the genre somehow.

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Developers are betting on the map (probably the first time in the history of battle royale the whole plan is the city), which provides, among others, big focus on moving vertically and jumping under roofs. Narrow corridors will probably reduce the risk of campers. Up to 100 players will take part in the game at once, and the winner is the one who lasts alive or holds the appropriate crown for 45 seconds.

Weapons, skills and ancient misfires

Ubi boasted that the game would include many types of weapons, both futuristic rifles and those slightly more conventional, as well as melee weapons. Collecting two copies of a given weapon will improve it. Similarly, the case looks with unique “hacks,” or skills (up to two at once), which are to give us an advantage in the clash.

The downed player will be a “ghost” able to run on the map, and if someone from his team shoots the enemy, the “ghost” will be able to be reborn in the body of the enemy. Ubi also promises sudden events changing the map and conditions prevailing on it, and some of them will be controlled by spectators of matches on e.g., Twitch.

In general, it seems that the French developer is very much attached to the “streaming” aspect, but a similar situation has already taken place once. It’s about The Darwin Project. There, the viewers decided the fate of the battle, but the production (although quite pleasant) turned out not to win the hearts of streamers and quickly died. We hope that Hyper Scape will not confirm this fate. The release date is not known yet.