Insta bug worries iOS 14 users about camera privacy

Insta bug worries iOS 14 users about camera privacy

A bug on Facebook’s Instagram has raised big question marks when some users see a camera light on the display even when they don’t take a selfie or photo. Insta bug worries iOS 14 users about camera privacy as the vulnerability showed a green “camera on” indicator for iOS 14 Beta devices even when users were browsing Instagram.

An Instagram spokesperson then told Verge: “We access your camera only when you tell us — for example when you switch from Feed to Camera. In iOS 14 Beta, we have found and fixed an error stating that some people accidentally used it when it was not using the camera. In these cases, we do not access your camera and do not record any content. ”

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Last year, Facebook fixed a bug in the iOS app that appeared to activate devices’ cameras in the background without the knowledge or permission of users. This month, Apple released the public Beta version of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates, which will be available in the fall.

The public beta version of iOS 14 has created rumours among developers that tech companies like TikTok and LinkedIn are copying content from Apple user boards, so Apple for iOS 14 added a super privacy feature to notify iPhone users when an app reads content from boards. So the bottom line is that iOS users constantly have to deal with a security concern, hopefully, this will be the end, and companies will keep user safety at the forefront.