Instagram again accused of illegal collection of biometric data

Instagram again accused of illegal collection of biometric data

After a first accusation that arose just two months ago, Instagram is once again accused of illegal collection of the biometric data of millions of users. Instagram finds itself at the center of a new legal storm. Users have decided to file a complaint and file a case on Monday, August 10, with the Redwood City court in California. They accuse the social network of having illegally collected and sold the data of more than 100 million users.

To store all this biometric data, Instagram would have taken advantage of the person identification tool offered in the photo module integrated into the application. According to our colleagues from the Bloomberg site, the practice is not new and Instagram may well have collected data for several months. It’s still hard to say. Still, according to the complaint, nearly 100 million people would be affected.

Still, according to the American site, users were not made aware of this collection of biometric data until the beginning of 2020. The file filed by the complainants specifies that the unauthorized collection of biometric data would be a violation of the Illinois state privacy law, in which case Facebook (the parent company of Instagram) could be forced to pay up to $ 5,000 per violation.

Two charges in two months

This is not the first time that the American social network has been the target of this kind of accusation. Two months ago, Facebook offered to pay $ 650 million in a similar lawsuit to avoid going to court. This represents compensation of $ 400 per affected user.

In response to the lawsuits launched against Instagram, Stéphanie Otway, spokesperson for Facebook, assured that “ this lawsuit is unfounded”. “Instagram does not use facial recognition technology,” she concludes in her statement. If this lawsuit is true without merit, it is difficult to understand why Facebook prefers to pay and compensate the alleged victims rather than settle the problem in court. According to the words of its spokesperson, the social network has nothing to be ashamed of.