Instagram Simplifies Editing Reels with its New Feature

Instagram Simplifies Editing Reels, You can also record longer videos

Instagram is making a few changes to Reels to entice as many TikTok users as possible. Recently Instagram simplifies in editing reels, now in Reels, you can create clips of up to 30 seconds, set a 10-second countdown timer, trim and delete clips.

Reels launched less than two months ago. One of the main criticisms that the feature received was the lack of editing controls. Reels will now allow users to increase the timer to 10 seconds, record longer videos, and trim and delete clips to simplify editing.

What makes TikTok so easy to use is that you don’t have to worry too much about the video editor. With the TikTok audio sync feature, for example, the app can automatically find music that syncs with the video clip. Reels have more manual editing – music should not only be found but also compared with changes in the video.


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