Instagram to modify the Algorithm to remove racist stereotypes

Instagram to modify the Algorithm to remove racist stereotypes

Instagram will modify its Algorithm to remove racist stereotypes. This redesign is part of a set of measures taken by the social network to ensure that the platform does not promote any discrimination.

As you probably know, protests against police violence and racism are still raging in the United States after the murder of George Floyd, this 46-year-old African-American father. Faced with this event, several American companies decided to review their operation and to question their products, their communication, and if they were not despite themselves, promoting such or such discrimination.


Instagram wants to make things happen.

This is, for example, the case of Instagram, which, through a post on its official blog, reaffirms this Wednesday, June 17, its support for “black voices”. In this statement, the social network says it hears “concerns about the elimination of black voices and if our products and policies put each person on an equal footing”.

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According to Instagram, black users are witnessing cases of recurring harassment on the platform, and content deleted for no apparent reason and prohibition of access to individual accounts. “We have worked a lot to understand better the impact of our platform on the different communities. But I think that there is still a lot to do in certain key areas, which fall under commitments far more critical than our business.


How this new Algorithm will work on Instagram

In this sense, Instagram will direct its efforts on four main axes:

  • Harassment:

 Analyze and modify, if necessary, all anti-harassment devices on the platform, to guarantee optimal security for all users

  • Audit of accounts:

 “Instagram is currently analyzing our audit criteria and will make sure that they are as inclusive as possible. Verification is an area we are constantly asking ourselves questions about. What are the guidelines and whether the criteria favor certain groups more than others”?

  • Distribution:

 Instagram will review how content is filtered on the Explorer and Hashtag tabs, to determine if there are potential racial stereotypes. The social network wants to put an end to “Shadow Banning”, this phenomenon which aims to filter users by skin color to limit their presence and to muzzle their voice on social networks.

  • The stereotypes of the Algorithm:

 “Certain technologies reflect the stereotypes and stereotypes of our societies “. To prevent the platform from reproducing these preconceptions despite itself, Instagram will analyze its underlying systems to stop the discrimination caused by its Algorithm.