Intel introduces Pentium Gold 7505 Processor for budget laptops

Intel has introduced a Pentium Gold 7505 processor for budget laptops

Intel has officially introduced the new budget processor Pentium Gold 7505, which replaced the Pentium Gold 6405U. Compared to its predecessor, the processor turned out to be significantly better, and it no longer resembles a budget model.

Pentium Gold 7505 includes two processor cores and includes support for multithreading, it is made of 10-nanometer process technology. The processor is part of the 11th generation of Intel Tiger Lake.

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The amount of cache memory is 4 MB (compared to 2 MB in the predecessor, the volume has doubled). Also, the graphics core has become much better – its frequency is now 1.25 GHz against 0.95 in the Pentium Gold 6405U.

Also in the new model, the frequency in Turbo Boost is up to 3.5 GHz, and the predecessor does not support this technology at all. Interestingly, both the predecessor and the new TDP model is 15W. Intel Pentium 7505 supports up to 64 GB of DDR4 memory at 3200 MHz or LPDDR4X at 3733 MHz. There is also support for the modern Thunderbolt 4 standard for high-speed data transfer.