iPhone 12 will consist of 36 Magnets for Wireless Charging

Apple iPhone 12 will consist of 36 Magnets for Wireless Charging

There is information on the Internet that Apple intends to equip the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 with 36 special magnets for wireless charging. According to available data, they will be used to move the smartphone to the optimal location for wireless charging.

Some websites have even published a photo showing the same magnets in the amount of 36 pieces. The source also reports that the ring on which they are located will be equipped with an NFC module.

Interestingly, there is already information that Apple has patented the above-described technological solution for wireless magnetic charging. In addition, it is reported that the new iPhone will support 15-watt wireless charging and 20-watt wired.

It will be recalled that earlier information appeared on the Internet, according to which Apple will show not only the new generation of iPhone and iPad at the upcoming autumn presentation but also “resurrect” the AirPower project. It is likely that it was for its correct operation and was created a system of magnets for wireless charging of smartphones.


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