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iPhone 15 Pro Images Leaked from Factory

Workers from the Foxconn factory, responsible for assembling the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 15 line of smartphones, have inadvertently leaked photos on the Internet, offering a sneak peek at the iPhone 15 Pro in its original packaging.

With the official release of these smartphones just around the corner, it’s a reasonable assumption that these are not mere mockups but indeed the authentic iPhone 15 Pro models. However, there’s a notable departure from Apple’s signature design aesthetics, particularly in the smoothness of the screen’s edges.

The leaked photo showcases two smartphones, each in a distinct color variant, providing a glimpse into the contents of the package and the packaging design itself. The top of the box prominently displays the front view of the iPhone 15 Pro, hinting at its stunning visual appeal. Additionally, a USB-C cable is seen nestled within the package, reflecting Apple’s ongoing commitment to connectivity standards.

Interestingly, users in China have also taken to sharing photos of iPhone 15 boxes already gracing the shelves of local stores. Nevertheless, a peculiar restriction looms over these early purchases – attempting to power up the gadget is futile, even if you acquire it ahead of the official release date. Sellers face a substantial fine of 27,500 for every prematurely activated smartphone, discouraging any unauthorized attempts to experience the device before its official launch.

As we eagerly await the official unveiling of the iPhone 15 series, these leaks only serve to heighten the excitement surrounding Apple’s latest innovation in the smartphone industry.

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