iPhone XS v iPhone 11 iPhone Comparison

iPhone XS v iPhone 11 iPhone Comparison 

Comparing the Apple iPhone Xs v Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 released at the end of 2019 and the iPhone XS which was marketed 1 year earlier is nothing absurd. This simply allows you to see what changes have been made by Apple. And if you are interested in acquiring one or the other, we will also tell you about the market for Apple refurbished products.

You want to buy an Apple smartphone, but you are not a cash cow. No question of giving in to the sirens of flashy devices that come out of factories with a lot of publicity. The solution? Buy a slightly older iPhone! Those that are most worth seeing in this year 2020 are the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XS. Let’s see the differences and advantages of these two top-of-the-range models.



The performance of the iPhone 11 and XS is equal. The first is equipped with an A13 Bionic chip while the other offers the A12. On paper, the difference is very slight, but in practice, it is very difficult to see the difference between these two very good smartphones which monopolize the best places on the benchmark podiums.



6.1-inch LCD for iPhone 5.8 and 11 inches OLED iPhone XS. Here, it is the XS which takes the top with a screen of more recent technology and which also offers a better resolution (458 DPI against 326). Attention, that of the iPhone 11 does not demerit for all that, but the XS and its OLED panel offers infinite contrast.



Here it is almost a perfect equality since the two cameras display excellent quality photos day and night, especially since they display the same characteristics on paper with 2 back sensors of 12 megapixels. For selfies, one might think that the XS is worse off with a 7 MP sensor (compared to 12 MP for the iPhone 11), but in fact, it is not.



Key data for a smartphone. 3110 mAh for the iPhone 11 against 2658 mAh for the XS: these figures seem low compared to Android devices used to offer more than 4000 mAh but optimization does everything here. The iPhone XS easily takes a day and a half of normal use, but the iPhone 11 does slightly better.

The new too expensive and the opportunity too risky

Have you made your choice? All right, you just have to find the device of your dreams. Let’s say you want a cheap iPhone 11: the problem is, new Apple products sold in stores don’t get as much discount as Android devices. You will therefore have a hard time finding a product that is worth the detour, even during sales periods. The second-hand market? We strongly advise against it.

You never know what you’re going to fall into with a second-hand device: even if the device looks in good condition, you don’t know if it has experienced any drops, taken in water or if the battery has been in great demand. It would be a shame to put your new purchase at the repairer or in the trash. To make matters worse when you are trying to get a cheap iPhone!

Why choose a refurbished iPhone?

The ideal solution is to go through a refurbished iPhone 11. No risk of having an obsolete phone: Bionic chips are the most powerful on the market and the difference from one year to the next is very slim. Afraid of a battery problem? Screen? Impossible with reconditioned products which are sometimes 70% cheaper than the price of new! “Refurbished” means they are fully refurbished by the pros. Worn or defective parts are replaced and you have a 12-month warranty with a 30 day revocation period.

To see if refurbished devices are worth a look, just shop around. The iPhone 11 64 GB is found at 759 € on Amazon while the iPhone XS 256 GB is still at 998 €! Prohibitive prices especially when we look at the prices of reconditioned devices.

The same smartphones with the same memory capacity are found respectively at € 660 (-15%) and € 589 (-69%)! Motivation is your wallet of course, but opting for a reconditioned product also means doing something for the environment: less electronic waste in nature and less raw materials consumed.