Is PUBG Banned by National Security Concerns

Is PUBG Banned by National Security Concerns?

The Indian government is currently reviewing these practices and services for violations of national security and user privacy. Among the applications reviewed is PUBG, one of the most popular video games in India. So, Is PUBG Banned by National Security Concerns? The list also includes Zili by Xiaomi, AliExpress by Alibaba, and Russo by TikTok developer ByteDance.

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According to a source quoted in the report, “The government may prohibit all or some of the practices listed. Some of these apps are marked with a red flag for security reasons, while others are listed for violations of data sharing and privacy concerns. ” The government is also reported to have invested in funding for many of these applications and services.

The new list of apps reviewed includes fourteen different apps from the smartphone giant Xiaomi. It also includes Meitu, LBE Tech, Perfect Corp, Sina Corp, Netease Games and other apps and services. Helsinki, Finland-based Supercell, which also makes investments from Chinese technology companies, is also on the list.

The Ministry of Interior did not answer the questions. However, an official from the electronics and information technology ministry (MeitY) said that the Indian government will follow the necessary process before making any prohibitions.