La Liga Send Warning to Lionel Messi

La Liga Send Warning to Lionel Messi

Messi-Barca issue dramatic turn again. This time the La Liga authorities have also opened their mouths on this issue. La Liga send a stern warning to Lionel Messi. They said that if they want to leave Spain, they will have to pay the full 800 million euros of the release clause to the little magician. The eyes of the whole football world are now on the Catalans. Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours, the Spanish media reported that the incident took a different turn.

They claim that since Messi’s contract with Barcelona expires next year, Messi’s release clause has expired this year. As such, he will be able to leave the club for free. Everyone sat motionless at the news. Barca club authorities are also hesitant about this. However, the executive committee of Spain’s top league says that Lionel Messi will have to pay the full 800 million of the release clause if he wants to leave Barcelona.

Although unlikely, the Catalans are still struggling to retain the club’s all-time best footballer. The club authorities will get back to life with such a statement from the La Liga authorities. On the other hand, Messi and his lawyers went on the back foot again. Now waiting to see how Messi reacted to the La Liga statement!


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