Lahore Zoo Closed for Public for Three Months

Lahore Zoo Closed for Public for Three Months

Pakistan’s biggest Lahore Zoo will be closed to the public from November 7 to December 13 for renovation purposes.

The government of Punjab really wants to improve the Lahore Zoo and Zoo Safari. The zoo and safari will get a lot of new buildings and animals because Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi told them to.

While the zoo is closed, civil works and other improvements will be made. It will take two years to finish both projects.

It was reported by Dawn that the project to improve the Lahore Zoo will cost Rs1,836.469 million, which is about Rs1.836 billion.

Mr. Zafar says that as part of the project, the zoo’s parking lot will be made bigger and there will be a computerized and app-based parking system that is run by AI. Leopards, lions, and tigers will live in glass enclosures that are so deep that people will be able to step inside them.

There will also be a modern food market and a hologram zoo. Besides building a vet hospital, the areas for big animals like hippos, rhinos, giraffes, and bears will be improved, and the monkey house will be redesigned, he says.

He also says that the new food court will have an amphitheater and that office buildings will be fixed up along with the building of a hall.

Ten pairs of pandas, three pairs of giraffes, two pairs of African penguins, a male black jaguar, two pairs of rheas, three pairs of scimitar oryx, and two pairs of pumas.

Three pairs of smooth-coated otters, three pairs of Sindh ibex, two pairs of Chiltan markhor, two pairs of addax, three pairs of gemsbok, three pairs of eland, three pairs of springbok, and two pairs of black mangabey monk.

Among the birds that will be there are parakeets, pheasants, peafowl, turtles, tortoises, and snakes.

In response to a question, the director said that the animals would be moved to different wildlife breeding sites in Punjab while the renovations were being done.

Mudassar Hassan, Deputy Director of Publicity for the Wildlife and Parks Department, says that the project will build tiger houses, a mammal enclosure, a wildlife rehabilitation center, a new high-tech fish tank, and the Salt Range and Desert thematic areas.

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