Lata Mangeskar wishes to the quick recovery Amitabh Bachchan

Lata Mangeshkar wishes the Bachchans a speedy recovery

Lata Mangeshkar for three years has strong ties with Bachchans as she wishes for speedy recovery of Bachchan’s family. Therefore, when the news about Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Ayshvariyu Ray Bachchan, and Asardju Bachchan, who tested positive results on COVID-19, exploded, Lata Mangeskar quickly sent her good wishes and speedy recovery.

Abhishek said yesterday about the health of his family, writing: “Aishwarya and Arazdhya also checked positive COVID-19. They will be self-quarantined at home. BMC has updated their situation and makes it necessary. The rest of the family, including my mother, tried negatively. Thank you all for your wishes and prayers. ” Lata Mangeškar commented on Tvit, who said: “Nasasar Abhishek ji. AAP ke Pitaji, aap, Aishwarya ji aur Aaradhya jaldi swasth ho jaayein aisi main ishwar se prathana map hun. (Namaskar Abhishek. Ji, I pray for the speedy recovery of your father, you, Aishwarya ji and Aaradhya.), “

We also hope that the Bachans will soon be restored. While Amatabh and Abhishek are still in the hospital, ICICI and Asardchia were recommended independently isolated at home.


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