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Lexus UX 200 New SUV Improved Version

Lexus Company Introduces Lexus UX 200 a New SUV Improved Version 

Japanese luxury automaker Lexus, a branch of Toyota, revised the new model of Lexus UX 200/250 h in a philosophy of continuous improvement. He has improved this version a lot compared to those of the past. To ensure the security system, the company first installed technological features. Then, by adjusting some technical points, they perfected the driving experience and performance.


The Lexus UX has advanced safety technology

In the Lexus UX update, the company has included several advanced technology features. Thus, the car’s advanced safety systems have benefited from proactive safety technology and other related items. In addition, Lexus has further expanded the functions of this safety technology.

The Lexus + system actively helps the driver to avoid accidents and collisions. For example, devices warn the driver of the presence of pedestrians and cyclists. It also allows you to maintain a distance from the vehicle in front. The automaker made these changes to get more safety and confidence while driving.


New Lexus UX 200 Design

Besides, Lexus installed the latest multimedia system in the UX. It has greatly innovated the Lexus+ feature of preventive safety technology. The touchpad control near the gear lever is dropped and later replaced by a touchscreen. Note that the multimedia system’s touchscreen is larger and has a higher resolution. Its size varies from 8 to 12 inches depending on the car version. Given the addition of a “Hey Lexus” voice assistant and the screen placed closer to the driver, this feature is easier to use.


Improved driving performance assured

Through flexible development, the Lexus team has overhauled the driving performance of the new UX200. First, the body received 20 more spot welds for each spot, to enhance structural rigidity. Next, the company made adjustments to the automobile’s EPS and shock absorbers. A new rigid joint installed between the steering damper and the steering box support optimizes the feeling of driving at the wheel.

According to Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama ‘s extensive testing, this new version of the Lexus UX achieves exhilarating and refined driving performance. In addition, tests have shown that the feeling when driving is more refined than before. In addition, responses from the car are sharper and more direct.

To improve the driving experience, Lexus did not forget to update the appearance of the automobile and fix some technical points. The design is inspired by Japanese rooms called “engawa”, where the interior and exterior merge into a perfect whole.

This new architectural model makes it easier to travel around town for this urban crossover. For more usability, the Lexus team changed the location of the switches in the dash and console area. At the front of the control touch screen, two USB, type C charging sockets have been added. Lexus has already presented this new version of Lexus UX 200, available this summer.


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