LG has developed an electronic mask with replaceable HEPA filters

LG has developed an electronic mask with replaceable HEPA filters

LG has officially announced a portable air purifier that can be worn on the face as a mask. LG developed an electronic mask with replaceable HEPA filters named PuriCare which uses battery-powered fans.

The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier contains two H13 HEPA filters – similar to those used in home air purifiers. The mask also has sensors that determine the cycle and volume of the user’s breathing and accordingly regulate the operation of the fans. Fans, on the other hand, automatically accelerate to help suck in air and slow down to reduce exhalation resistance and make breathing easier.

The company says the wearable air purifier is designed to replace homemade as well as disposable masks, which it said were in short supply.

It is important to note that, despite the presence of H13 filters, the LG press release does not report that the mask slows down the spread of coronavirus and whether it filters the air when a person exhales or inhales. LG declined to comment on The Verge, but the company said it expects to complete the certification and testing process to provide complete information.

Also note that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention no longer recommends the use of masks with valves or vents to prevent the spread of coronavirus, as they do not filter “respiratory drops” through which people near the patient can become infected.

According to the company, PuriCare has a battery with a capacity of 820 mAh, which provides up to eight hours of use in low power mode, and two hours in high power mode. It is unknown when the mask will be released and how much it will cost.


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