LG plans to release a flexible smartphone in March 2021

LG plans to release a flexible smartphone in March 2021

LG plans to release a flexible smartphone in March 2021

We currently know that LG is working on two flagship projects Rainbow and B Project. The first model should become a classic flagship solution, which will be a logical continuation of the V-series, and the second should get a flexible smartphone.

This smartphone was created by the LG Explorer Project team, which recently presented the LG Wing swivel smartphone. B Project will also get an interesting solution in terms of design and ergonomics – the smartphone will be partially folded and unfolded as needed. The company teased the smartphone at the Wing presentation event.

The Rainbow smartphone is expected to be released in the first quarter, and in a short time after it, in March, the first flexible smartphone LG, which now appears under the name B Project, should be released. According to the Korean edition of The Elec, to which GSMArena refers, LG plans to sell about 26 million smartphones this year and about 30 million next.

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It also became known that LG is starting to give more and more smartphones to third-party production. If in 2018 90 percent of LG smartphones were manufactured by the company itself, in 2019 this figure rose to 30 percent, in 2020 it should grow to 60 percent, and in 2021 to 70 percent. It is also expected that the company will soon release a new premium smartphone Velvet 2, which will also be made not by LG himself.

The LG Q92 and future LG Stylo models will also not be made at LG’s facilities, but at the moment LG is still doing it. Currently, the most important models for LG are the Rainbow and Explorer Project.

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