LG Wing Disassembly a unique Rotary Mechanism

LG Wing showed how its unique rotary mechanism was designed

LG is an innovative company that relatively recently introduced a smartphone made in the original rotary form factor and equipped with two displays. Now the LG Wing has JerryRigEverything its “disassembly” will show us what the device looks like from the inside.

LG Wing Disassembly Complete Video

When open, the phone has a perfectly symmetrical T-shape. Smooth rotation of the larger 6.8-inch display provides lubricated plastic. A feature of the LG Wing is also around through hole in the body for the loop – according to LG, thanks to this, the rotary mechanism is able to withstand 200,000 turns of the screen.

When opened, one spring helps the upper half of the device to fully rotate 90 °, and the other spring helps to close the smartphone. Interestingly, the developers have also added a tiny hydraulic damper that smoothes the movement.

After Nilson disassembled the phone, he changed it with ease to assemble it back – a testament to the excellent work of the engineers.

Note that the phone that Zack tested is a preliminary sample. LG must also provide it with a retail device.