Lionel Messi Decided to Leave Barcelona

Lionel Messi Decided to Leave Barcelona

Although it sounds unbelievable, the Argentine media TYC Sports has made such a claim. Lionel Messi has informed the club authorities that he decided to leave Barcelona by fax. Therefore, the 33-year-old forward has requested to cancel his contract with the Spanish team.

In a report on Tuesday, TYC Sports said that Messi is no longer willing to stay in Barcelona. He wants to end his 20-year relationship with his favorite address. Do not want to play under the new coach Ronald Koman.

Even future destinations are fixed. The Barca captain has already discussed the matter with English club Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola. As soon as the rumors of Messi’s departure from Barcelona start, where will the discussion be? Messi’s fans have no end of interest in this.

The most buzz is about this city. The Machester city is one of the few clubs to have the ability to pay Messi’s high salary at this time. So it is difficult to blow up the news on Radio Catalonia.

According to the news, Messi discussed his future with City coach Pep Guardiola last week. The beginning of his rise is in the hands of this coach. Under him, the Barcelona captain played from 2007 to 2012.

The 33-year-old Argentine star wants to know if City has the power to take him if he leaves Barcelona. The city coach reassured him. He said he could afford to spend 300 million euros if needed. After that Messi made his own decision.

Not only Radio Catalunya, but also ESPN journalists Rodrigo Fayez and Moses Lawrence have said the same thing. Messi spoke to Guardiola on the phone last week. The city coach said that he would help the Argentine star in all possible ways. Since then, they have been plotting to pull Messi into the team following the rules of FIFA fair play.


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