Logitech and Herman Miller Co-Production New Gaming Chair

Logitech and Herman Miller Co-Production New Gaming Chair

Logitech has collaborated with the seat manufacturer Herman Miller to produce a new and special Gaming Chair for players. In addition to electronic equipment special for players, which has become widespread in recent years, player seats have also been added. The Embody gaming chair has a price tag of $1495.

The increase in the time spent at the beginning of video games caused players to look for comfortable seats. Logitech, which produces high-end electronic equipment for players, contributed to the production of this product by sharing their experiences with Herman Miller.

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Herman Miller is one of the world’s most important ergonomic office work chair manufacturers, with a 115-year history. With the office chairs it produces, it provides a healthy working environment for the employees of many large companies. Herman Miller recently announced the goal of producing player seats in cooperation with Logitech.

The first product that emerged in line with this goal was the Embody Gaming Chair. Logitech provided information on the seating and physical ergonomics of esports players, especially during the production of the seat.

Herman Miller & Logitech G Embody New Gaming Chair

The experience of Herman Miller and Logitech on different topics gave birth to one of the most comfortable and ergonomic gaming seats in the market. Embody Gaming Chair has blue details that Logitech frequently uses in its equipment as a design. In addition, Logitech’s G logo, which we are accustomed to seeing in all its products, also adorns this seat.

Herman Miller reused this chair in a comfortable design that he had previously experienced. The seat has a design that supports the waist and back area very well, which will protect their health during long sitting periods. In addition to being able to adapt to your seat posture and spine position, it is produced with a special material with high air permeability.