LoopX the new Covid-19 tester robot

LoopX the new Covid-19 tester robot

Faced with the pandemic which is ravaging the planet, the appearance of LoopX has given rise to a glimmer of hope for more than one. The innovative tool should make it possible to reduce the rate of Covid-19 contamination by identifying positive cases in a few minutes.

Lately, we have seen multiple innovations intended to fight against the spread of the Coronavirus. The latest news is that a Normandy start-up has just created a robot that allows PCR tests to be carried out in record time. Besides its speed, the portable aspect of this device is a point to be taken into account. Combining technology with medicine, this discovery appears to be a major advance in this universal struggle.

96% reliability with LoopX?

Loop Dee Science, which is a company specializing in molecular biology, has been focusing for months on the behavior of the Coronavirus in animals. When the alert was issued in January, the Chinese scientific community sent them information related to the genetic code of the virus. This is what enabled them to develop an express screening method.

The main advantage of this material is its speed. Indeed, it is able to perform a PCR test in 30 to 40 minutes, while this one could take about 7 hours in a laboratory. The subject must take a nasal or oral swab which will be heated in the LoopX. The tool is able to detect the virus present in the tube with a reliability of 96%. The dimensions of the device make it a compact device. Indeed, its size is about 7 cm in length, 6 cm in width and height.


A device intended for professionals

Supported by the Normandy region and by the Directorate General of Armament, Loop Dee Science is currently capable of manufacturing 100 units of these devices, and 1000 reagents per day. The Caen university hospital center, a stakeholder in the project, would perhaps be the first to benefit from it. Then, other hospitals should soon have access to it so that medical staff can better fight Covid19.

However, leaders of the start-up target companies to do testing in the workplace. It is an adequate tool to facilitate the detection of the disease in confined environments. Moreover, PCR results can be transferred directly to a computer from a USB stick or Bluetooth connectivity. Beyond the borders, several countries have already contacted the company to order this material.

LoopX represents new hope in the face of this deadly pandemic by helping to prevent the spread of the virus through express tests, which is not negligible in this period of deconfinement. In addition, it can adapt to other viral diseases. You simply have to change the reagent. After the launch of this revolutionary product, the company could consider doubling or even tripling its number of staff in order to meet demand.

LoopX  Covid-19 Tester Robot Price 

The price of the kit includes that of the LoopX Coronavirus tester robot and the reagent which amounts respectively to 1000 euros and between 20 and 25 euros.


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