MagSafe charger works on Samsung and Google phones

MagSafe charger works on Samsung and Google phones

Apple’s MagSafe charger works on Samsung and Google phones

Apple announced the return of the MagSafe wireless system. This time around, the wireless charging solution powers the iPhone 12 series with a convenient instant-on method. Of course, as with most Apple products, you don’t really expect it to work with devices other than Apple’s. Fortunately, the historical rule is wrong. Apparently, Apple’s MagSafe charger works on both Samsung and Google phones.

As Max Weinbach tested, the wireless charger can snap into place and work on the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Additionally, Aaron Zollo, the Youtuber, tested the charger on the recently announced Google Pixel 5. Unfortunately, none of these tests revealed the charger’s effectiveness with the devices. However, Mr. Weinbach said it took some effort to dislodge the charger from the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the MagSafe charger works on other Qi-based devices. In contrast, it’s surprising that Apple’s proprietary accessories work on non-Apple devices.

Still, if you need an extra wireless charger, at least Apple’s charger can work on your device. That is if you have both an Apple device and an Android device.

It only remains to be seen whether or not Apple’s other MagSafe accessories will work on non-Apple devices. Other accessories, like a removable wallet, will be available later this year.

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