Manchester City has long-term plans to bring in Messi

Manchester City has long-term plans to bring in Messi

Where is Lionel Messi’s new destination? It is the talk of football fans around the world. The agitation is going on in social media. The Blatter report quoted ESPN as saying that Manchester City has long-term plans to bring in Messi. Blatter reports that Messi will be offered a long-term contract at Man City. After being with the Sky Blues for three years, Messi will play for New York FC, another club owned by Man City.

Earlier on Tuesday, Messi himself put an end to all speculations and informed Barcelona that he is no longer with the club. From then on, the discussion started about Messi’s destination. The most talked-about team among them is Mancity. reported that Messi is in contact with Mancity coach Pep Guardiola. The media also said that he is likely to go to play under his former coach.

Earlier, quoting TYC Sports, the trusted media of football, reported that Messi was not at Barca. It is said that Messi informed the Barাa authorities about his departure from the club via fax. Messi was on the field for 59,315 minutes as a Barca player throughout his career. He played a maximum of 39,120 minutes in La Liga. Played a minimum of 420 minutes in the UEFA Super Cup. He has seen 75 yellow cards in his entire career. Didn’t see any red cards.

The football superstar has been named FIFA Player of the Year for a maximum of six times. Ballon d’Or won 6 times. Won the Champions League four times. The superstar has won the Spanish Champions Trophy 10 times and the Spanish Cup 6 times.


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