Martin Braithwaite expressed interest to wear Messi's jersey

Martin Braithwaite expressed interest to wear Messi’s jersey

Danish forward Martin Braithwaite has expressed interest to wear Messi’s Jersey. Braithwaite now plays for Barcelona wearing the number 19 jersey. Before playing with Messi, he played for Leganes after wearing the number 25 jersey for a long time. However, before leaving the club, he wore the number 7 jersey for some time.

Martin Braithwaite then wore the number 10 jersey while playing for Middlesbrough. However, this time in the absence of Messi in Barcelona, ​​he wants to take big responsibility. And so he told the club authorities that if Messi leaves the club, he should be allowed to wear that jersey! However, it remains to be seen what the club will decide in the end.

Messi is having some problems with the contract with Barcelona. According to the Spanish media, Messi will leave the club as soon as that is over. On Sunday the club hosted the PCR test. Messi did not come. Messi had already informed the club that he would not come to practice. Messi did not come to the PCR test that day and explained that he no longer thinks of himself as a Barca footballer. So did not feel the need to come to the test.


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