Marvel's Avengers Superheroes on gameplays

Marvel’s Avengers Superheroes on gameplays

A huge amount of Marvel’s Avengers Superheroes gameplays has appeared on the web. You can see, among other things, the game with individual heroes and story inserts. We also know when the Open Beta for Everyone will start!

Marvel’s Avengers as seen by players

The closed beta of Marvel’s Avengers has just begun for PlayStation 4 owners, which was originally scheduled to start at 9:00 PM on August 6, but it was decided to start earlier. Thanks to this, the first gameplays recorded by players from the upcoming hit production have already hit the network. However, what is especially important, we also learned the true assumptions of the game, which is not necessarily everyone will like it.

Marvel’s Avengers is a co-op game that is a variation on looter brawl ?, in which the essence of the game is to perform repetitive missions in order to get the best equipment for our heroes. Yes, the Avengers resemble the slightly popular Destiny 2, although they are extremely different in terms of genres, they are similar in terms of assumptions and the basics of the game. However, let us admit

The plot will also be there

There is nothing to worry, however, because the creators of course promise cutscenes, a rich story, and the possibility of playing various heroes together with friends, the latter of which appears to be the most interesting flavor for many. Although focusing on grinding straight from popular looter shooters may not be a great idea for everyone, playing the materials themselves promises to be at least interesting.

In the world of superheroes, we already had Batman games combining an open world, stealth, a holy story, and a revolutionary combat system, not so long ago Spider-Man was released on PS4, which turned out to be a beautiful production that fans of the spider-man deserved. In all of this, the Avengers are distinguished by their approach to the game and focus on mechanics other than history and the open world.

Lots of new gameplay and beta games

A lot of new gameplay from the upcoming production from Square Enix has appeared on the network. All can be seen, among others on the official IGN channel. We can see each hero in action and the ways in which the developers decided to distinguish them from each other, a piece of story quests, and a boss fight.

Although the beta for buyers of the pre-release edition of the game began on August 6 and will last until August 9, PC and Xbox One owners will be able to play on August 13-16. The developers are also informing about open tests for everyone, which will take place on August 13-16 and 20-23 on PS4 and on 20-23 on other devices.

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