Medal of Honor Above and Beyond System and Hardware Requirements

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond System and Hardware Requirements

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond System and Hardware Requirements  

The premiere of the new Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is fast approaching. The problem is that not everyone will play the latest production of the legendary series. The obstacle is not only VR but also otherworldly hardware requirements. Here below you will find the Medal of Honor Above and Beyond System and Hardware Requirements to play the game.

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond System Requirements

The recommended requirements include an Intel i7 9700K processor or better, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card (really!), 16 GB RAM (which is a standard, let’s make an agreement), and 340 GB preferably on an SSD drive. Yes, it is quite shocking, although it is worth explaining that the game itself will take up “only” 170 GB, the rest is needed to unpack the files.

  • The game needs over 300 GB of disk space
  • In addition, the RTX 2070 graphics card
  • The production premiere is announced on December 11

The legendary series was once the most popular FPS war games. In recent years, however, the series has been forgotten, and now the developers have remembered, but in the context of VR. However, such a headset is not enough to enjoy the game in all its glory.

The new Medal of Honor comes with dire demands

Do you still remember the first parts of the legendary series? Electronic Arts once provided us with a really well-made shooter, whose main goal was to show epic real conflicts. Although the vast majority focused on the Second World War, there was also some set in more current realities.

The problem is that one of them, the Medal of Honor: Warfighter released in 2012, turned out to be such an underdeveloped production that it was decided to suspend the entire cycle. It’s a pity, but for the competitive Call of Duty for years, it was great news.

Now, however, EA seems to remind you of the cycle that has been extremely underrated in recent years due to the new part. Although the gameplays show a really refined production, there is two bad news – not all products will start due to the lack of a VR kit or a really, really good (expensive) computer.

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond Hardware Requirements

Of course, it is no surprise that VR productions require quite powerful equipment. After all, they not only have to render all “reality” but also allow for fairly free interaction with everything around them. Half-Life: Alyx, released this year, certainly did the job, bringing VR to a whole new level.

And although looking at the gameplay from the new MoHa you can think the same, no matter how good VR headset we have, it does not have to be enough for us to enjoy the production to the fullest. The official recommended hardware requirements are presented, which create a level unattainable for a significant part of players. All of this, in order to enjoy the production, we need not only a lot of free disk space but also a great graphics card.

In addition, the creators even tried multiplayer, and the story campaign itself refers to a bit more hidden and secret activities behind the front lines, which were characteristic of the first parts of the series. With multiplayer, however, there can be a big problem, namely – hardly anyone can play it, unfortunately.

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