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Meizu POP2s Wireless Headset Price and Features

Meizu POP2s wireless headset: Flyme 24/7 support

Meizu struggles to recover from the crisis she went through. Financial problems and the release of a number of unsuccessful devices forced the company to abandon the production of a wide range of smartphones and this year it limited itself to the premiere of only two models: the Meizu 17 and the Meizu 17 Pro which are excellent smartphones. Meizu recently released a new wireless headset under the name of Meizu POP2s Wireless Headset.

Meizu POP2s Wireless Headset Features

This is the company’s first headset to support the branded FlymeOS overlay. The connection to the smartphone is instantaneous, as soon as the user opens the charging box. The headphones also work with other devices with iOS and Android.

Meizu POP2s are splash-proof (IPX5), and there is support for Bluetooth 5.0. The weight of each helmet is 5.1 grams and inside there is a composite diaphragm with a two-layer structure. The right and left headphones can work independently. The headset will operate autonomously for 24 hours through the use of a charging case, which hides a 350mAh battery inside.

Meizu POP2s Wireless Headset Price and Availability 

Meizu POP2s wireless headset is ready for sale you can buy them today at a price of $45, and if you buy them with a Meizu 17-series model, they’ll costs $37.



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