Messi asked permission to leave the club

Messi asked permission to leave the club

Lionel Messi has asked Barcelona for permission to leave the club. Messi sent a fax letter to Barcelona on Wednesday. There he requested the club to grant him clearance. The sports news media has confirmed the matter quoting reliable sources. In the letter, Messi said that his contract was conditional on leaving the club at the end of the current season, which would be re-enforced by Barcelona.

Barcelona’s contract with Messi until 2021. But there was a condition in his contract. If Messi wants to leave the club at the end of the 2020 season, Barcelona will allow him to leave the club without any conditions. But the league did not end on time because of Corona. Messi’s condition to leave the club ended in June. Now Messi has requested the club. Since the season did not end like time. Now the condition of leaving his club should be re-opened.

Because time has passed, Messi will have to pay a release clause of 800 million euros to buy him this season. It is not possible for any top club in Europe to buy Messi with that money. Messi, therefore, wants to leave the club as a free agent. That is why the media has reported that they have given a letter to open the conditions.

Messi has been rumored to have left the club three times this season. The first buzz was suppressed by the departure of Barাa Ernesto Valverde. After losing the league title, the second buzz in the Champions League hopes also stopped. But after a 6-2 defeat against Bayern, Messi is determined to leave the club. Coach Kike Setien and board director Eric Abidal have been laid off but things are not going well.

Messi started playing for Barcelona in the 2004 season. During this time he has won ten league titles and four Champions Leagues for the club. He won six Ballon d’Or with a great performance. In 2009-2012, he won four consecutive Ballon d’Ors. Catalan fans have begun to gather in front of Camp Nou on the news of a letter asking him to leave the club


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