Messi can be punished by FIFA

Messi can be punished by FIFA

Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona. He has already informed the club about that. Even if the contract expires in June next year, the Barca prince may not wait another season. Messi will change teams this year. Because of Corona, not 31st May, the season ends on 31st August. In that case, there is a condition that Messi can be punished by FIFA if he does not get into trouble with the club. Even his game could be banned by the world football governing body.

However, informed sources believe that if Messi leaves the club and signs for another club in this situation, Barca could bring charges against him for breach of contract. In that case, FIFA can impose a ban on Messi according to the rules. In that case, Leo Messi will have no choice but to apply to the Court of Arbitration for Sports. Which is more time-consuming? However, many people think that Barcelona will release Messi keeping in mind the long-term good relationship.

It is known that according to Messi’s contract with Barcelona, ​​his ‘release clause’ is 600 million Euros. In other words, if any club wants to sign this superstar, then Barcelona will have to pay this huge amount of money. Then you have to make a separate deal with Messi. Which is not possible for any club in the world at the moment.

However, there is another opportunity. Messi’s contract with Barca is set to expire in June next year. And according to the terms of the agreement, the ‘release clause’ should be reduced to 300 million euros a year before the end. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But there is another special condition in Messi’s contract. According to sources, the club has started a dispute with Messi.

According to the agreement, Barcelona will release him if he applies to the club by May 31, the end of the season each year. In 2020, which has already passed. Now Messi made that request but the club authorities refused to accept it. Their clear statement, the deadline has passed.

And so the application of the Argentine star will not be accepted. Messi’s lawyer, meanwhile, said the current football season was due to end on August 31, not May 31, due to the current situation. And so Messi can still apply. And this is the discussion between the two sides. Trying to solve the problem.


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