Messi had a dinner with Suarez to discuss the future

Messi had dinner with Suarez to discuss the future

Meanwhile, Messi was first seen in public on Wednesday after informing authorities of his desire to leave the team. Messi had dinner at a restaurant with his clubmate Luis Suarez. It is believed that the two friends discussed the future there.

It is to be mentioned that last Monday, the new coach of Barcelona, ​​Coman, informed about the retrenchment by calling Suarez. After that Messi decided to leave the club. Their friendship is very deep because they have been playing together since 2014. So the Argentine superstar is angry enough to cut Suarez in the upcoming season.

Moreover, the recent failure of Barcelona, ​​especially in the Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich, he has been emotionally broken at the rate of 6-2. You know, it’s not possible for Barcelona to turn around quickly. Moreover, he did not like the plan of Ronald Koeman, who has just taken charge of the team. All in all, the six-time Ballon d’Or winner has decided to end his 20-year relationship with the Catalan club.


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