Messi is seeking a free transfer at the right time

Messi is seeking a free transfer at the right time

As a rule, Messi does not have the opportunity to make a free transfer if he does not notify the club by June 10 at the end of each season. However, Messi’s lawyer has found a ‘but’ in it. Due to the current situation, the season has been extended to the last week of August, he claimed that Messi is seeking a free transfer at the right time.

Messi will have to be bought by another club after paying 600 million euros for the buy-out clause. – Club Barcelona is adamant in such a demand. The contract with Messi also said so.

In the midst of such an argument, former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has expressed his views on Messi’s departure from Barাa.

In an interview with Spanish media, Ramon said: “I would be happy to be the president of a club that can take Messi to the team. But he is now 33 years old. Messi will have his best time for 3-4 more years. So we should think more about the issue of the transfer fee.

“I’m sure Messi won’t leave Barcelona,” he said. They will reach a compromise. The club that has spent 20 years together cannot be left like this. Moreover, Messi is a reflection of Barcelona. He gave his best, again Barcelona gave them all to Messi.

They have won many titles together, Messi himself has won six Ballon d’Or. So I believe Barca president Barthelemy will not get into any legal trouble. He is a man of calm nature. He will definitely try to find the best solution. Fact:


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