Messi to sign a long term contract with Manchester City

Messi to sign a long term contract with Manchester City

Messi is going to sign a long contract with Manchester City. This is what the international media is reporting on ESPN. That could be at least five years or more. The age is now 33. How long will Lionel Messi be able to play at the top level? Thinking of reality, two to three years. But then Messi will lose the loan?

Many clubs will want to keep him in the rhythm he is playing. Manchester City is also thinking about all such things in the thought of buying Messi. So they want to keep their affiliate MLS club in New York City under the contract with Messi.

If that happens, he will play for Manchester City for the first three years. The star, who has won the Ballon d’Or a record six times, will join New York City for the rest of the time. Not only that, but Messi also has the opportunity to be the ambassador of the city football group. In addition to Manchester City and New York City, the group includes several other clubs around the world.

Messi has set a new record for Barca. He has been with this Spanish club for 20 consecutive years. At the age of 13, he joined the New Camp from New Wales Old Boys Club in Argentina without a transfer fee. He started playing for Barca Youth League in 2002 and is currently one of the best footballers in the world.

He joined the Under-16 team from Barcelona in 2003. After that, after playing for Barcelona Under-19, Barca C team, Barca B team, he was called up to the main team of Barca on 1 July 2005. From then on, he fascinated the whole world with his two-legged magic


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