Tencent Announces New Metal Slug Code J for Mobile

Tencent Announces New Metal Slug Code J for Mobile

Tencent has just announced that they are working on a new Metal Slug Code J mobile game with the help of TiMi Studios, co-creators of Call of Duty Mobile and Pokémon Unite. This new metal slug came comes under the name of Metal Slug Code: J.

Metal Slug Code: J, is the code name that they are using for the title, although as we know, the letter J is just an example of what could go in its place without being definitive. For now, all we know is the following trailer, and it looks excellent.

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The first thing we realize is that TiMi Studios seems to have decided to go for 3D graphics instead of the popular pixel-based designs the Metal Slug series is known for. Still, overall 3D graphics continues to provide a similar vibration. Beyond the graphics, you can see that the touch screen controls allow you to move only left and right, so it also continues to maintain the classic movement of the saga.

So in the beginning, it seems that TiMi Studios is respecting the tradition but contributing something new, which is to be regarded. The only thing we hope is that the monetization plan is not very aggressive as we usually see lately in the remakes of classic games.

At the moment, we cannot say much more. A new Metal Slug game is coming to mobile, and it looks like this time it won’t be horrible although we can not get our hopes up either. With SNK and Tencent behind, anything could happen. If you can’t see the previous attempts: Metal Slug, Metal Slug X and Metal Slug 3