MicroLED displays Will Soon Become More Widespread

Production of microLED displays will soon become more widespread

Lextar Electronics, one of the leading players in the development of Opto-semiconductor solutions, and XDC, a company that develops microLED displays, have revealed information about their cooperation. They have signed a development and licensing agreement, as well as a service agreement under which Lextar licenses XDC intellectual property, and both partners can supply Lextar micro-LED displays.

It will be recalled that Lextar has been manufacturing micro-LED displays for a long time and invests in their development. Due to this, this company has become one of the leaders in the market, because it both miniaturizes LEDs and tests them and is engaged in mass production, and microLED, we recall, is a very innovative technology.

XDC is one of the oldest players in terms of patenting microLED technologies and has more than 400 patents in this field. These patents are used in the production of micro LED-displays in all classes of devices – TVs, laptops, and smartphones, and in the near future is expected a mass transition to this technology. XDC also develops and supplies the necessary technological solutions for other manufacturers of micro-LED displays, using its own patents.