Microsoft store distribute over 30 games for free

Microsoft store distribute over 30 games for free

The battle between Epic Games and Steam continues. While the latter is not particularly responsive to the competition’s jumps, Epic is constantly delighting computer game fans with the next free titles available on their service. However, Microsoft store also distribute over 30 games for free.

The Microsoft Store has just distributed over 30 game titles absolutely free. What’s more, most games are at least affordable titles from the top shelf but probably only affordable.

Take what they give

Microsoft Store has decided to show that not only Steam and Epic Games count in the gaming platform industry. To the list, you could add, for example, GoG, because certainly not Microsoft Store. The Blues just released over 30 games for free. However, it is not easy to look for high-budget titles there. Although the prices of discounted games would indicate something else.

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Free games include productions such as American Pool – Billiard Game, Battle of Ships 3D – Sea Strategy, ChalkMaster, or Parkour Simulator 3D – Extreme Runner. These types of strange prices could be exchanged for a long time, but as you can see the titles are not particularly delightful.