Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Paid Mods

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Paid Mods

Microsoft has decided to solve the problematic topic of paid DLC in an interesting way for its latest title, Flight Simulator 2020 Paid Mods. While explaining how Marketplace Partner works, the developers have also announced the date of beta testing of the game.

Paid mods

The subject of additional payments for installing mods created largely by other players in the game is always a muddy ground. Manufacturers have already tried to introduce them, among others, to Skyrim, a game that was basically created to modify it. However, it did not meet with too much recognition in the eyes of production fans. Microsoft wants to approach the topic a bit differently, although it does not reveal all the details yet.

Microsoft extends a helping hand

Flight simulators are a very characteristic range of games. The lead here is Microsoft productions, which, thanks to the work of smaller software companies and modding players, get a whole lot of new content for years for free. Now the situation is about to change thanks to the Marketplace Partner tool. The store will primarily offer all the necessary tools that sellers need to control their business.

A huge base for your wallet

Marketplace Partner is to be available to any creator who creates mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The platform will allow the easy and quick sale of mods to the flight simulator. Importantly, the creators say that the mods can be sold via other platforms, but the Marketplace built into the game will be simply more convenient.

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Microsoft has not yet mentioned whether it will charge a commission for the service. It is rather certain that they will, the question remains whether they will be limited to the cost of maintaining the service, or whether they will try to siphon some money from each transaction for themselves.

Time for beta testing

Initially, Marketplace Partner will have a limited number of sellers, but Microsoft says they want everyone to be able to sell their mods by default. The feature will be tested during the upcoming beta tests that will start on July 30. All players who applied for membership for these tests will be notified on July 23. The game will premiere on August 18 this year.