Microsoft Haptic PIVOT Allow you to touch Virtual Reality Objects

Microsoft Haptic PIVOT Allow you to touch Virtual Reality Objects

Microsoft Haptic PIVOT, the company’s new invention will allow you to touch virtual reality objects

Microsoft has introduced a new device called Haptic PIVOT, it will help provide the user with a realistic experience of interacting with objects in VR. The controller is synchronized with what is happening on the screen, so the full immersion effect is achieved.

It is worth noting that Haptic PIVOT is not yet a commercial product. On it, Microsoft only works out possible scenarios of the addition of tactile return within virtual worlds.

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The new Haptic PIVOT controller uses a motorized system of hinges and handles that are placed on the player’s wrist. The pen has a set of capacitive sensor sensors that allow it to detect when a player touches an object in VR.

Another advantage of PIVOT is that when the handles are not in use, they are removed when they are not in use. Microsoft claims that this allows you to use the device with a keyboard and mouse.

VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2 and Valve Index can boast of their graphical accuracy. However, they do not allow you to “touch” virtual reality objects, which may be required when playing Half-Life: Alyx, for example. Microsoft is ready to fix this.

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