Microsoft plans to buy Nokia again

Microsoft plans to buy Nokia again

The latest news from the technological world is quite ironic Microsoft plans to buy Nokia again. Interestingly, this time it is planned to buy not a mobile division of the company, but a telecommunications. In the past, there were many predictions that Nokia would be bought in the near future.

Another contender to buy Nokia should be Intel. The reason for this excitement is the ban on the supply of certain telecommunications products by Huawei, which had a very large share in this market. One of Huawei’s main competitors in the telecommunications services market was Nokia’s relevant division, which has now become a key part of the company.

In addition to Microsoft, the purchase of Nokia can be claimed by Intel, which has recently become firmly established in the telecommunications services market. It is expected that other companies may be among the potential buyers, but the most likely purchase of Nokia’s telecommunications division is Intel or Microsoft.


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