Microsoft will announce a new Fable in a few days

Microsoft will announce a new Fable in a few days

Do you still know Fable? Peter Molyneux’s unfulfilled promises? New rumors suggest that any day a new fable game, full-fledged part of the well-known series will be announced by Microsoft. This is to happen during the Xbox Game Showcase. Fable is a legend game, but its subsequent parts turned out to be “unfulfilled promises”. Perhaps the newest part will equal great RPG games.

Fable and dream dreams

When the first Fable was born in 2005, critics and gamers were a bit surprised. After all, this extremely atmospheric RPG set in the fantasy world offered a lot and was really successful, but the designer, being the legend of the industry, that is Peter Molyneux did not fulfill everything he promised.

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In the following years, it turned out that such empty promises are basically his calling card. Fable had quite a lot of freedom and a specific approach, after all, we lived the whole story of the hero – from being a child to becoming a great hero! The next parts were already “quite good”, but not enough to fulfill all (subsequent) promises.

New Fable Game is coming?

It turns out that fans of the brand (brutally strangled by the last part of Fable: The Journey released on Kinect) can count on a continuation. Although this is unofficial information, it sounds quite likely. After all, Microsoft has had plans to return to the brand for years, through a co-op game, and even an MMO or a fully-fledged fourth part of the cycle – all have been deleted. Finally, developers from Microsoft Games Studios created new accounts on social networks belonging to the Fable brand. Allegedly not to promote the next part.

A new part of the fantasy series in a few days

The latest reports come from the well-known industry insider Klobrille. In his opinion, during the upcoming Xbox Series X game show, i.e. the Xbox Game Showcase event, we can count on the first trailer of the production. At the same time, he explains that we will see nothing more than a few pre-rendered scenes. It remains to wait until July 23 to find out. The event will be broadcast from 18:00.