Microsoft Xbox Introduces New User Interface

The new Microsoft Xbox user interface is now available on the Xbox One

There is a month left before the Xbox Series X and Series S go on sale, but their software has already appeared on the Xbox One. In August, Microsoft introduced its unified Xbox interface, which will extend to mobile applications, PCs, and consoles. Now it has turned to Xbox One.

Microsoft Xbox New User Interface 

The new design changes the shape of tiles, fonts, and brings stylized icons. The October update also adds new themes for the profiles: users will be offered a choice of several different themes, including gaming from Xbox Game Studios.

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In addition, the Xbox Store has been improved – it has become faster and easier to use and finally allows users to disable annoying automatic video playback.

According to Microsoft, installing a new console will be easier. Users who are just getting acquainted with the Xbox will first see a beautiful home screen. The list of the latest applications will be filled with frequently used programs such as Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Store, and “Settings”, which will help you start using the console.


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