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Microsoft Xbox Series S Carbon Black Edition for Sale

Microsoft has unveiled an exciting addition to its Xbox Series S lineup with the introduction of the sleek and stylish Carbon Black model. This matte black variant marks a departure from the previously available white version, offering gamers a new level of aesthetic choice.

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Xbox Series S Carbon Black Edition

With the Xbox Series S Carbon Black, Microsoft continues to cater to the evolving needs of the gaming community, providing not only a visually striking option but also addressing the practical challenge of storage limitations. Gamers can now indulge in their favorite titles without worrying about constantly managing their game library to make room for new experiences.


One of the most notable enhancements that sets the Carbon Black Xbox Series S apart is the substantial increase in storage capacity. While the standard Xbox Series S includes a 512GB SSD, the Carbon Black edition boasts a capacious 1TB storage drive. This expansion in storage capacity is a game-changer for avid gamers who prefer to keep multiple titles readily available on their console. Say goodbye to the frustrating issue of running out of storage spaceā€”it’s now a thing of the past.


The Xbox Series S Carbon Black is available for purchase at a price of $349.99, which is a mere $50 more than the base model. This slight increase in cost is well worth it for the added convenience and peace of mind that comes with the extended storage capacity.


Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated enthusiast, this new addition ensures you have ample space to explore a diverse gaming library without compromise. Upgrade your gaming experience with the Xbox Series S Carbon Black and enjoy the freedom to store, play, and conquer more games than ever before.

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