Microsoft Xbox Series X Release Date Confirmed

Microsoft Xbox Series X Release Date Confirmed

Microsoft has just confirmed that the Xbox Series X Release Date, its future home console, will indeed be launched in November 2020. Several elements suggest that the machine will be marketed on the first Friday of the month.

The end of 2020 will be marked by the arrival of the new generation of consoles, namely the SP5 Sony and the Xbox Series X Microsoft. If rumors are rife between each official announcement of the manufacturers, everyone agrees that the two consoles will be launched in November.

Regarding Microsoft, it’s now official! The Redmond firm has just confirmed in a blog post that the Xbox Series X will be launched in November 2020. Unfortunately for us, the manufacturer is careful not to give a specific day. In this press release, Microsoft said all the same that the console will be accompanied by “ thousands of games over four generations”.

The American company is referring here to backward compatibility, one of the flagship selling points of the Xbox Series X. Indeed, players will be able to find all of the Xbox games on Xbox Series X, from the first Xbox of the name to through Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This is also an essential feature in the eyes of Sony, which wants to make 400 PS4 games backward compatible. Still, Microsoft leaves with a serious handicap for this launch.

Indeed, the highly anticipated Halo Infinite has been postponed to 2021 and will therefore not be present in the console launch line-up. A real blow for the manufacturer, which relied on its flagship license to sell entire pallets of Xbox Series X. The developers of 343 Industries need time to polish the game, after many criticisms of Internet users. the graphic quality of the title.