Momoda 3D Head Massager Price

Momoda 3D Head Massager, a smart 3 in 1 head massager

Here it is, a new toy for people who like to feel pain often. Either on the head or on the nape, but There’s a new piece of equipment for everyone to try today. The Momoda 3D Head Massager is a 3 in 1 massager for the head, eyes, and neck, and can be controlled via a smartphone. By massaging the head area, there will be a total of 7 massage points that are important together. To help with blood circulation and relax the scalp

The area around the eyes is hot compress at a temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius by applying light pressure from the alveoli to help relieve dry, sore eyes and make them feel more relaxed. Suitable for people who use a lot of eyesight. Or like staring at a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone for too long Or all day long Like an office worker

And neck massage focuses on two important points, using a high frequency and temperature vibration method that helps relax the muscles. There is also a hot compress with graphene sheets at 40 degrees to help the user feel relaxed. Stress-free And can also prevent office syndrome as well.


The design of the white smart head massager is futuristic. That looks like a future helmet, as mentioned above And the size of the device is 215 x 412 x 256 mm and weighs 1.1 grams, including the front in a silvery elegant look.

And inside the head massager, there are three-dimensional air sacs around the head, neck, and eyes, and the way the air sacs are inflated and contracted is due to different frequencies.

It is also possible to operate operations using the Mijia application on the smartphone. For heat temperature adjustment, selectable modes, can set massage time, can set massage strength And it also supports a Bluetooth connection that can play music and listen to music through the speaker while massaging as well.

The built-in battery is 2,400mAh and can be used for 6-8 times (in the case of 15 minutes of use). For anyone who buys this head massager.  There will be 3 accessories in the box: head massager, charging cable, and instruction manual.

Momoda 3D Head Massager Price 

The Momoda 3D Head Massager, a smart 3-in-1 head massager that looks like a helmet from the future at a price of 599 yuan, or about $85.