Mortal Shell Release Date

Mortal Shell Release Date

The release date of the Mortal Shell game is August 18 which will be announced on the Epic Games Store platform. It will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It is worth mentioning here, however, that the PC premiere concerns only the Epic Games Store, and we will not play it on Steam and GOG until 2021.

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Cold Symmetry is a studio that theoretically has no experience in game development yet, Mortal Shell is their first, extremely loud title. However, these are only appearances, because the developers of the game are in fact “oldies” and produced such AAA titles as the Call of Duty series or Ghost of Tsushima. They also set an extremely high bar for themselves.

Another Dark Souls clone? Not necessarily

Mortal Shell is a soul like game referring to the mechanics of Dark Souls by From Software. The game is characterized by an extremely high level of difficulty and unique RPG mechanics. A novelty presented by debutants is, for example, the ability to control the bodies of fallen warriors and take over their abilities in combat. Interestingly, the hero we will play does not have a physical shell.