Mulan 2020 will be released for free on Disney+ on December 4

Mulan 2020 will be released for free on Disney+ on December 4

Initially, Mulan 2020 was scheduled for March, then scheduled for purchase on the Disney + platform, then scheduled for theatrical release exclusively in China, we now learn the film will be released for free on Disney + on December 4.

If you’re a little bit of a movie buff, or just been on Twitter this summer, you couldn’t miss the wave of stories that have been held around the release of the behemoth Mulan, the cartoon movie remake. in live-action. Originally scheduled for March 2020, it has, like many films, been withdrawn from theaters during the health crisis. Failing to find it in theaters by the end of the year, the entertainment giant has finally decided to offer its film on its Disney + streaming platform.

In its first announcement concerning the integration of the film into Disney +, the firm declared that the film would be available for purchase in all countries where Disney + is present (USA, Europe, etc.) at a price of $ 29.99 (therefore probably the equivalent in euros on our continent).

And at that time, a lot of movie theater managers cried out over this decision, which undermines the profession. She greatly hoped to be able to recover some funds in the face of colossal losses during the closing of the theaters. And although the cinemas have reopened for a few months, it is difficult to discover blockbusters, all the studios having deprogrammed the releases planned for this year (except for Tenet, which was just released a week ago).


Mulan 2020 Release Date Worldwide 

New impact yesterday, Disney+ announced the “free” availability of the film Mulan 2020 on December 4 on the platform. So what happens in the end?

  • Several countries will have the opportunity to buy the film on September 4 on Disney +
  • Chinese will be able to see the film in theaters on September 11
  • All countries (including the US) will see the film for free on Disney + on December 4th.